Tatraplan Serial Numbers

Diskusia o histórii továrne Tatra, jej produktov a súvislostiach
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Tatry, ktoré vlastním: 1950 T600 Tatraplan
1963 603-2
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Tatraplan Serial Numbers

Príspevok od užívateľa 63tatra603 » 14 Okt 2009, 08:07

Hello. I am sorry to write this in English - hopefully someone will be able to translate this for me and post it below.

I have created a serial number registry for Tatraplans. The link is here - http://photobucket.com/Tatraplans

I am collecting information on Tatraplans that are left around the world. I have already listed quite a number, but have a lot more that I am waiting on serial numbers for. I am sure there are still a lot more in Slovakia / Czech Republic, and would appreciate anyone that has one contacting me with their serial number/engine number, and some photos of their car. My email address for this is tatrat600tatraplan@gmail.com.

There are lots of photos and some general information as well. Most is in English, but there is some information in other languages. You should be able to use Google translation service for some things.

By the way, I also have a 1950 Tatraplan (right hand drive) and a 1963 Tatra 603 in Australia.

I am also looking for parts sources. I know of Ecorra, Aero Service, Veteran Service, but would appreciate any others that people are aware of.


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